Baby Registry Must Haves

My son Vincent is now 6 MONTHS OLD!

Now that I’ve finally gotten into this parenthood things, here’s my list FROM EXPERIENCE of things I (and my husband) are SO GLAD we got as gifts, some things we wish we would’ve received and ended up buying ourselves!

  1. The DIAPER BACKPACK. THIS WAS AND STILL IS MY HUSBAND’S FAVORITE GIFT. He likes it because it doesn’t look girly. He actually LIKES being in charge of the diaper bag.
    Baby Registry Backpack
  2. The BOPPY LOUNGER. Everyone gets a BOPPY PILLOW (and you still totally should because they are amazing if you are breastfeeding), but the BOPPY LOUNGER is something your baby will love to chill in! Mine sat there while I was pumping, while we are all just hanging out in the living room, or just when I needed to put him down for a few minutes. It’s safer than the BOPPY PILLOW if they fall asleep on it (baby’s can suffocate on the pillows from head positioning) as long as they can’t roll. PLUS they are a totally cute prop for photos!
    Boppy Lounger Baby Registry
  3. A BABY SWING. We didn’t get one from our shower. Why? Well I didn’t want one. I was worried about safety/babies sleeping in swings. Plus, I was like, they’ll only fit in it a few months, so why bother? BIG MISTAKE. We ended up buying a swing. THIS ONE. BABIES LOVE THEM. Plus they’re so convenient. They’re easy to set baby in for five minutes while you grab something, make coffee, or eat breakfast, or you just need a break from holding baby. HEAVEN. The only downside for me was BATTERIES. Our batteries died so fast!! STOCK UP.
    The swing doesn’t need to be fancy or play music. As long as it’s compact (folds up easy and is easy to move) and swings, you’ll be good.
    Baby Swing Baby Registry
  4. BUMBO SEAT. My baby LOVES IT. Babies love to sit up and see the world (once they are able to- obviously you don’t put a newborn baby in these). My little guy would get sick of being on his back all day, and if I put him in his Bumbo Seat that he would stop crying and be like “whoa, what the heck happened?” and stop. Plus, he looked so cute in them. AND it counts as tummy time! Basically any time a baby is working his neck/isn’t on his back it counts as tummy time! NO FLAT HEADS. I haven’t used it yet, but I also bought the TRAY that goes with it. My little guy has grown A LOT and is going to outgrow that chair and tray before he starts eating solids. HOWEVER you could use the tray to set toys on or something! Or, if you happen to have a normal sized baby rather than my giant baby, than you could use the Bumbo seat and tray for snack time once he’s old enough!
    Bumbo Seat Baby Registry
  5. If you are looking to get some sleep for you and your future baby, this ROCK AND PLAY (little lounger) will be your savior. This is the one I registered for and received, and we are still using it! It’s small enough that it fit right next to my bed (for easy nighttime feeding and for when I want to check on him every twenty seconds) and it’s super portable, so I am able to move it to any room in the house or bring it with if we are going to my parent’s house. I’m working on getting my baby now to sleep in  crib since he’s outgrowing the ROCK AND PLAY, but he just likes it so much better than his crib! I think it’s how cozy and safe he feels in it. He’ll sleep a solid 5-7 hours at a time in his Rock and Play at night! Score!

    Baby Registry Rock and Play

  6. A requirement for coming home from the hospital is a CAR SEAT . HOWEVER if you’re really looking to be savvy, I recommend getting a CAR SEAT and STROLLER COMBO like this one. It is so convenient! The car seat is EXCELLENT and easy to use. It fit into our small car, and I love the color choices! The stroller is super compact and easy to use as well, and as he grows out of the infant car seat (which mine almost has) you can use the stroller without the car seat up until he’s a few years old/hits the maximum weight limit. We use this almost every day going for walks or when I need to run a fast errand. We didn’t get one for our baby shower, so we had to order our own. It is one choice I am very glad we made.

    Baby Registry Stroller Car Seat

  7. A TUB is a must. Not only is it really fun to give your baby a bath (once he loses his umbilical cord/you get the okay) it’s also necessary. Your baby will have blow outs or spit up all over himself, and you don’t want to walk around all day with a stinky baby. Trust me. It’s so much easier to use a tub rather than a sink or a big bowl, and, like I sad, it’s way more fun! We got THIS TUB for our baby shower, and we love it. It’s a “grow with me” style, so it has a “setting” for each growth stage. For newborns/infants, he lays on a hammock-like thing in the tub suspended in the water. Mine is currently on the next “phase” in which he sits in a support (kind of like a bumbo seat in the tub). He LOVES it! He actually just started laughing not long ago, and he is all smiles and laughs when he gets to be in this tub! Once he’s strong/big enough, the next phase is for him to sit in the tub on his own. This tub fills up quickly, so it won’t waste your time, it has a drain, and it’s easy to clean!

    Baby Registry Tub

  8. A HALO SLEEP SACK was my best friend the first several weeks. It was the only way my baby would sleep without being held 24/7. Almost all babies LOVE to be swaddled. They’ll show you how to swaddle babies with blankets at the hospital, but I was never really good at it, and I was constantly worried he’d come unwrapped and suffocate on the blankets at night. The Halo Sleep Sack is easy to use, and, like I said, it WORKS. My hospital gave me a newborn Halo Sleep Sack, but my little guy quickly outgrew it. So I ended up ordering the next size up from Amazon! He just recently grew out of it (he’s a big baby though, so most babies could probably still be in it after 6 months old). I would’ve loved to have another newborn one though, because there were several times it was dirty/in the wash and I wished I had a spare!
    It’s great because it’s also in the “grow with me” style. You can slowly train your baby to be unswaddled by leaving one arm out at a time, both arms, and then eventually not using it at all. My little guy would probably still be using it if he wasn’t so big. *sigh* I recommend ordering more than one Halo Sleep Sack. Why? Your baby will pee, poop, or spit up on it, and you’ll want a back up so you aren’t rushing to do laundry just so your baby will sleep!

    Baby Registry Halo Sleep Sack

  9. My ACTIVITY GYM is my favorite baby toy. This is the best! My baby, especially once he hit about 3 months old, could spend 15-20 minutes a time laying underneath it and staring at all the toys. Now, he even grabs and pulls on them. It also makes for a good tummy time mat and encourages them to lift their heads to look around. I literally use mine every day. I use it with my Bumbo Seat. I’ll sit him in the Bumbo Seat under the Activity Gym so he can look around from a different position. He loves it!

    Baby Registry Activity GYm

  10. A BOUNCER is a game changer. Like the swing, it just provides you the oppurtunity to do things with two hands every now and then! For example, I’ll put his bouncer at the foot of my Glider (which you should get for your nursery too) and bounce him while I pump to keep him happy and entertained. I also used it when my husband were just relaxing on the couch and my arms got tired of holding him. We could stick him in it and he’d be content. Finally, it also comes with me in the bathroom when I need to shower! It’s easy to move around from room to room, so I could position him in it so he could see the bathroom curtain and he could hear me talk in the shower.

    Baby Registry Baby Bouncer


These are 3 other items that would definitely make my top 20 if I had made a Top 20 List!

  1. High Chair. This is the HIGH CHAIR I purchased and so far I love it. It is easy to use, and again it is a “grow with me” style. It’s easy to clean, not heavy, and my baby seems to really enjoy it. He sits in his high chair for every meal now (he just started eating blended foods such as mushy peas or bananas) or sometimes I’ll stick him in his high chair while I’m doing dishes or cleaning and just throw some toys on there to play with. Very convenient. You don’t need this item immediately though, because most kids aren’t strong or large enough to sit in them until 4-6 months old.

    Baby Registry High Chair

  2. Manual Breast Pump. I still don’t own a HANDHELD/MANUAL PUMP, but I often wish I did! I have an awesome electric pump that I got free from my health insurance (THIS IS THE PUMP I OWN AND LOVE CURRENTLY) but there are several cases in which I have wished I had a handheld/manual pump. When, you ask? Well, a few weeks ago I went to a concert with some friends. I pumped right before the show, but the show was 4 hours long. My friends wanted to immediately go get food and drinks after the show. However, I couldn’t because I needed to go pump. My chest was uncomfortably full, plus the doctor recommends that to maintain supply I pump every 3-4 hours. I hadn’t lugged my big electric pump with me, and even if I had it would’ve been impossible to just conveniently use. If I had a handheld pump I could’ve just pumped in the car fast or in the bathroom. Another reason – long car trips. I don’t go on many, but there’s been a few times I’ve wished I could pump in the car because my road trip is 3-5 hours long, and I don’t want to have to have my husband and I pull over and find a place to pump. I think if I do get one, THIS is the one I’m going to purchase. My friend owns it and raves about it.

    Baby Registry Manual Pump

  3. Jumper. I also currently do not own a JUMPER, but my son LOVES sitting in the jumpers they have at daycare, so I really want to get one! Plus it’s another place to put your child where they are safe and stationary so you can use two hands! Especially now that he’s getting bigger, he is starting to get bored of the swing. He likes to be busy! This is the one that I plan on ordering! It’s the one he has at daycare and plays with a lot!

    Baby Registry Baby Jumper


Thanks for checking out my list! Let me know your thoughts or share your suggestions!


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