Gorilla Carrier and Other Dad Approved Gear

Birth of My Son 6
This is my husband, Dylan.

I’d like to give a shout out to him, because he’s an amazing dad.

He LOVES being a dad, and he loves spoiling our son.

For example, he’s the guy that will sneak toys into the shopping cart at the store. Then of course the baby drools on them or puts them in his mouth and I have to buy it.

Or he’s the one who gets excited that I got him a glow in the dark pajama set and can’t wait to put it on our son.

Onward with the post.

My husband has been very active in parenthood. Here are the 4 items that he loves to use and actually brags about using to his friends.

#1 The Gorilla Carrier

Gorilla Carrier Baby Gear

Okay. So my hubby and I are avid hikers. We live in the great northland, and pretty much every Sunday you can find us on the trail. So as soon as our baby was able (6 months!) we wanted to start getting him out there.

Prior to this we were able to go on nice long walks with our stroller which we LOVED, but it just wasn’t the same. And the front carrier (we had a Baby BJorn) just wasn’t comfortable when used for a long period of time (and we love long hikes).

We LOVE the Gorilla Carrier we ordered off of Amazon. We had a choice of 3 different colors, and I let my husband pick since he’d most likely be the primary carrier.

He was SOOOOO excited to take it out. He also loves just walking around town or through the mall with it on. Seriously!

It has cool features like a ton of storage space, a removable backpack, and a sun/bug cover.

It’s easy to get on and off, and our little guy loves it (in this picture he had just woke up from falling asleep in it)!

Gorilla Carrier Baby Gear Family

#2 The Baby Ball Pit

Ball Pit Baby Gear

We got this baby ball pit as a baby shower gift from our gift registry on Amazon, and my husband thinks it’s the coolest thing ever. It’s basically an activity gym, but the sides come up and you can fill it with the plastic balls! It’s great! Our son can spend a lot of time in it without getting bored.

Ball Pit Baby Gear 3

Plus it lets him practice grabbing, pulling, and moving objects around.

#3 Exersaucer/Jumper

Baby Toys Jumper Exersaucer Walker

These are the BEST for when you just need to put the baby down for 5 minutes and get something done without worrying. He’s at the age now where he rolls/pulls/kicks/slides so you cannot leave him alone in anything!

HOWEVER this jumper keeps him stationary. He can warm up lunch or make coffee or go to the bathroom and not be worried about the baby rolling into something or falling off of anything.

Also, he LOVES it. He can spend 20 minutes easy in it. PLUS it counts as Tummy Time (anything that exercises their back and neck is considered tummy time).

#4 The Baby Backpack Diaper Bag

Baby Registry Backpack

My husband chose this diaper bag backpack to put on our gift registry, and he was SO EXCITED when we got it. He actually WANTS to be in charge of the diaper bag, and he isn’t embarrassed about going out in public with the baby by himself.

So many diaper bags are geared towards women, and this one is gender neutral.

It has PLENTY of storage, it’s comfortable, and we LOVE it.

It also comes with a changing pad, which is pretty cool.

Thanks for reading!

Hopefully your hubby or man enjoys these products as much as mine does!



Top 8 Baby Toys for 6 Month Old

So my son Vincent (or “Vinny” as I call him) is 6 months old!


As the mother of an average, healthy (somewhat larger than average) baby, I would LOVE to share with you the toys and gear that have made both baby and I’s life enjoyable so far.

  1. The Activity Gym. If you don’t own one, get one. Seriously. As early as his first day home from the hospital, we used this Activity Gym for tummy time and play time. Before, he used to just stare at everything and make little adorable noises. Now, he reaches for things and swats at things, and has even started rolling over! We even ended up getting a second Activity Gym/Ball Pit because we loved it so much. My husband LOVES the ball pit and plays with the baby in it quite a bit.Baby Toys Activity Gym
    Vincent and his Activity Gym

    Baby Toys Ball Pit
    Vincent and the Hubby’s favorite – the Ball Pit/Activity Gym Combo

  2. The Bumbo Seat. We also have the tray. It’s perfect to use in combination with the Activity Gym. It gives baby a different perspective on the world (he has a small world so far) and helps give him some much needed head/neck exercise. We started putting him in it at around 4 months old. He’s at the age where he is trying so hard to sit up on his own (sometimes we surround him with a Boppy Pillow to get him some more core practice) so he really enjoys being able to sit up like a big boy.Baby Toys Bumbo and Links
    Vincent Chillin in his Bumbo Seat under the gym (and flicking us off accidentally)
  3. Links. These toys are so cheap but so entertaining for him. Plus, they’re portable (we attach them to his Activity Gym, his Exersaucer, his carseat, a shopping cart..etc) and they are easy for him to hold on to. He is very into grabbing anything and chewing on it right now. Links usually come in a variety of textures, so he loves gumming them. ¬†You’ll see in the photos above the links hanging from the gyms. Here they are pictured on their own.Baby Toy Links
  4. Easy to Grip Toys like this Ball. Again, his favorite skill lately is reaching for things and putting them in his mouth. I don’t really want him chewing on anything furry or that he could choke on, so toys like this are great. He can hang onto them easily.
    Baby Toys Ball
    Vincent practicing his grip on his Ball before dinner
  5. Exersaucer/Jumper. Both at daycare and at home, this is his current favorite toy, and it is my savior. Whenever I need to do something like the dishes or make lunch, I can stick him in this jumper for 15-30 minutes (sometimes longer) and he is completely content and safe! Plus, it’s good exercise for him!

    Baby Toys Jumper Exersaucer Walker
    Vincent enjoying his jumper

  6. Board Books. It is NEVER too early to start reading to your kids! We read at least 2 books before bedtime, (our favorite is Goodnight Moon and Time for Sleep), and usually a couple more during the day. I recommend board books over paper pages because a) your baby will put everything in his mouth and they are more sturdy b) they are harder to wreck if your baby gets a hold of them.Baby Toys Board Book.jpg
  7. Crinkle Toys like This Giraffe. This is our favorite toy to bring with to restaurants or in the car because it’s small but it keeps him occupied! I got this as a gift from a friend, and for whatever reason our baby is endlessly entertained by it!

    Baby Toys Crinkle Giraffe

  8. The Bath Tub. Okay, so this isn’t technically a “toy”, but giving your baby a bath is one of the most fun things you’ll do. Plus, if baby is fussy, sometimes giving him a bath will relax him or at least distract him. I love this tub we got off of Amazon! It’s a “grow with me” style, so it works for them as infant all the way until they are big enough to sit up in the tub by themselves (well, under supervision).

    Baby Bath Tub Toys

Please feel free to share any other toys you recommend!